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Partnering with Go Mama Organics

Have you ever wondered where to buy organic groceries online?

Here at Wellness24-7 I am excited to be launching a new service to end the problem of clean food deserts.  Have Organic GMO-Free foods shipped to your door.

As a new Health Merchant for The Green Polka Dot Box I introduce to you  where you can conveniently shop for your favorite organic and GMO-free brands.  You can search for products depending on your personal dietary needs.  Nut free, raw food, sprouted ingredients, vegan, vegetarian, wheat free, yeast free, salt free, sugar free, soy free, gluten free, halal, high fiber, kosher certified, dairy free, corn free, we’ve got you covered.

Save yourself long frequent trips to the grocery store, no waiting in line, no annoying high prices and the added bonus of specials sent to you in a weekly email. Visit today. Start a real enjoyable grocery shopping experience.

Lowest prices, No membership fee.  As part of an organic food buying collective, the more members shop, the lower the prices will drop. See for yourself.

Go Mama Organics | Buy Organic Food Online
Helping busy moms feed their families clean food for less

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